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Family Values

The family, traditional moral values and personal responsibility are at the foundation of our great nation. My and Jennifer’s grandchildren are the 6th generation to walk the fields of this small north Georgia cattle farm. Our children and their families and both my mother and Jennifer’s mother live here on the farm. Family taking care of family, daily interaction with God’s creation and teaching the value of personal responsibility are at the core of our daily life.

The people and their ability to govern themselves is being lost due to the overreach of an out of control federal government, as well as, our ever-growing state government. We must get spending under control at all levels and return to the family controlling its own future. My grandchildren are the 8th generation to live in this district, it is my hope that the 9th will reside here also. I fear with the current direction in which our country is headed, “they will not see the same country I grew up in”.