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Health Care

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was destined to fail from the beginning. We all want Georgians and all Americans to have access to good healthcare, having health insurance affordable or not does not equal quality healthcare.

We as employers trying to attract and retain quality employees continued to provide better healthcare coverage. I was on the paying end of some $20M in insurance premiums over a 30 year period. I watched healthcare costs go higher as we provided better and better plans to our employees. Low deductibles, low co-pays and co-insurance such as 80/20 and 90/10 plans drove up the cost of healthcare. When anyone or anything comes between the patient and the healthcare provider cost are driven upward. Now ObamaCare doubles down on that failed process by wedging government bureaucracy between you and your doctor.

In the fall of 2009, I read the original healthcare bill HR 3200. The current law is basically the same as the proposed bill was then. When employers are forced to pay for insurance or be taxed for not doing so, the bill is written in a manner that will force millions of employees to be put into the government pool. I feel that more people will be put into a Medicaid type coverage situation and have worse healthcare than they had before the ACA. In the end we will wind up with healthcare equalization that is of poorer quality with fewer providers at higher costs.

Think what might be if we had never interfered with the free enterprise system, doctors would only charge what patients could afford to pay and everyone would still want their children to grow up to be doctors. Higher deductibles,personal HSA’s and allowing capitalism and the free market system work will bring healthcare costs down.